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Poem of the Week

I love this poem by Margaret Hasse from Healing the Divide: Poems of Kindness and Connectionan anthology that I recently published. This is part of kindness, after all, reaching out to neighbors who may need our skills and attention, and teaching them something they didn’t know how to do before, teaching ourselves in the process.

Knitting Pattern

by Margaret Hasse

She took me in hand, taught me
to knit wool from lambs
she raised to sheep.

With my torn jeans and dirty face
I was wild as a barn cat.
She gave me the quiet
of her farmhouse, helped me cast on
into the realm of soft clicking,
elbows moving up and down
like bellows breathing.

I learned the delicate dip and dive
of needles and the patient way
to stockinet, garter, seed.
How not to drop a stitch.

Now a neighbor child
whose mother says can’t sit still
comes to me for lessons.
Her feet don’t reach the floor
but the scarf grows long
on her needles.

After we finish a session
we go out on the back porch
to bark and yowl, as I did
with my teacher who said:
Calm down a bit
but don’t get prissy

Originally published in Between Us.
Buy the book here.

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