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Bluebird Now Available for Pre-order!

My newest collection of poetry, Bluebird, is now available for pre-order online, but I encourage everyone to order from your local independent bookstore whenever you can!

Bluebird is all about life on part of an organic farm where I live with my husband in Vermont. Many of these poems came to me after the 2016 election when, like most of us, I was looking for my own “bluebirds of happiness” to counteract all the despair and negativity in the air. I hope that each of these poems will be an invitation into gratitude for the seemingly small moments in life when, if we’re able to pay attention, we can uncover the joy that is so often available to us all.

Here’s a sample poem that originally appeared in Birchsong: Volume II:

Down to Earth


The heart of a farmer

is made of muscle

and clay that aches

for return to earth.

And when the sky

releases a steady rain,

massaging each row

of sprouted beans,

my husband leans out

of the car window

and opens his hand

to hold that water

for a single instant,

his heart now beating

in sync with rain

seeping through layers

to kiss the roots

of every plant alive

on this living, breathing

planet on whose back

we were granted

permission to live

for a limited time.

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