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Poem in The Sun Magazine!

Here’s a link to my poem, “World Prayer Day,” in The Sun Magazine (full text is also below):


World Prayer Day

by James Crews

While people all over the world

chanted and prayed for a miracle,

we stood in the woods with binoculars

trained on a pair of bluebirds

flitting from branch to branch,

their tiny chests puffed out

in the chill morning air. And for those

few moments, mud frozen

beneath our feet and not a single

golden leaf stirring on the beech tree,

I did not think about a virus entering

my body after turning a doorknob

or shaking someone’s hand or touching

my own face. It was as if those two

bluebirds became parts of us freed

at last from worry—our tufted, lighter

bodies now lifting higher and higher,

like words meant for whatever god

might still be listening.

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