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Belonging Poem.

Belonging Poem.

A few readers have asked for the text of this poem, which doesn’t yet appear in a book. Please feel free to read, print, and share as you wish!


by James Crews

Instead of giving yourself slowly away

in order to belong or feel less lonely,

become your own longing. Let the light

of your wide-eyed search for something

larger than the self, beyond the known,

shine through you as though you were

conceived and placed on the earth only

to fulfill your soul’s deepest, secret need.

The part of you that will never disappear

was mined from veins in stone like gold,

then rendered into dust to fill and mend

the cracks in the fragile vessel of this

body, which is itself a walking, talking

form of longing for the moment when

that dust in us is taken up, shimmering,

and carried back to its source.

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